Personal Favorites

In the time since I started writing this blog, a couple of posts have gone viral, many have gotten a reasonable amount of traffic, and others have disappeared without a trace. It is, perhaps, unsurprising that the most popular of my posts have also been the most actionable – how to write an effective resume, how to ace a technical […]

Speaking your Mind

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. – Mark Twain When communicating in a public space (Twitter, Facebook, blogging, meetings, etc.), it’s easy to censor yourself though the simple fear of saying something irredeemably stupid. Something so vapid, so provably false, that […]

Why to Write

Some people write to exorcise demons, to achieve fame, or to make their fortunes. These are all well and good, if a tad grandiose, and if you’re able to make one of these work out, more power to you. I never expected any of these, and have not been disappointed. I honestly didn’t start this […]

How to Write a Great Blog Post

I’ve been writing this blog for a good number of months now, and I thought I’d share my well-defined, highly deterministic process for writing great posts. Come up with a great idea Start writing Realize that I’m writing about something completely different Try to get back to my original idea Fail Eventually accept the fact […]