Things I hate, things I like

Meter maids Being able to find a parking space Investment bankers The mutual funds in my 401K being well-managed “Bad” hackers attackingĀ organizations I like “Good” hackers attackingĀ organizations I hate (also, the rule of law) Dieting and exercise The feeling of being in shape Taxes Services Materialism Consumer electronics Being interrupted Getting answers immediately Writing Writing […]

Why big companies slow down, and what to do about it

Every company optimizes for something. Sometimes this is an external measure – price, quality, security, customer service, etc. Sometimes it’s internal – hiring, project/risk/change management, and so on. Of course every company wants to do everything perfectly, but when you look at how they make decisions, there’s usually a central organizing theory. At TripAdvisor, the […]

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Special Roles: a Bestiary

When I started hiring, I used to look for the 10x programmers, the rockstars, the embarrassingly named “ninjas” (I blame you for starting the trend, Srinija). I quickly learned that these were impossible to hire – they looked exactly like every other “good” programmer, untilĀ one day you realized that they’d significantly improved performance by rearranging […]