Learn on someone else’s dime

Fortune favors the prepared mind. – Louis Pasteur Startups are hard. Long hours, anxiety over whether you’re wasting your time and savings, the rollercoaster of doubt, hope, crushing disappointment, and incredible possibility. The worst of it is feeling that you’re unprepared, that you’re wasting time on technical (or business) decisions that turn out to be […]

An elegant data type for a more civilized age

In a recent blog post, I recommended that you learn C++ for the deep understanding you’ll get of every other language you ever use. One of the key points is an understanding of how much it costs to create and manage an object, and how that affects the modern trend of deprecating primitives. In Ruby, […]

Building a better developer

“Experience is a dear teacher” – Benjamin Franklin In previous posts, I’ve focused a lot on getting the right people in the door – great coders with great attitudes who communicate status aggressively, don’t wait for someone else to fix problems, and never let bad news wait. At which point, of course, there’s nothing for […]

How to be a star

Some people seem to get more hours in the day than everyone else. They’re omnipresent – jumping on problems before you know anything’s amiss, lending a hand to less experienced developers, killing it on their own code… Maybe they’re freakishly smart. Or work crazy hours. Or see things that seem obvious in retrospect, but no […]