Positive Feedback

I recently wrote a post about negative feedback, and how useful it was to learn ways in which you could improve. By itself, of course, constant negative feedback¬†would be incredibly depressing. We also need to know when we’re doing well. This sounds trite, and¬†yet it’s the rare manager who consistently gives positive feedback. I remember […]

Hiring technical managers is hard

In a strong engineering organization, there are typically two main technical leadership tracks. Different companies have different names for them, and their responsibilities can sometimes overlap, but for the sake of this discussion let’s call them “leads” and “managers.” The lead is the alpha nerd – this is the engineer who guides the team technically, […]

The Rules

There appears to be a little confusion about what the Internet is, why it exists, and its rules of use. So, as a public service, I offer the following gentle reminder. The internet is not a safe playground. It is a dark, dangerous, occasionally beautiful and sometimes fatal window into the dreams and nightmares of […]