I’ve been thinking (again) about what it is that makes some coders special, and have come up with the following idiosyncratic, completely unscientific, my-employer-does-not-endorse-my-views classification. It should go without saying (but won’t) that not only is this graph not to scale, but that it’s a pretty scary power function as you move up the pyramid. […]

Do This

Here are some things I recommend to my family. My friends. My coworkers. Sometimes, to complete strangers. Some are funny, some are serious, some are just plain strange. Some are longer, others shorter. But I think they’re all worth taking the time. Do this. Watch Dove Evolution This is Water It’s not about the nail […]

Top Down and Bottom Up

My wife and I were recently┬átalking about one of our mutual friends, a researcher in a “soft money” position. This means that instead of getting paid by the university from general funds, she’s responsible for bringing in the money for her salary, research team, facilities, etc., through writing grants. This has become increasingly difficult over […]


A quick thought experiment. I’d like for you to imagine the best version of yourself. Not the rich you, or the more attractive you. Not the version of you that went to a different school, grew up in a different country, made different choices. This isn’t the version of you that had different opportunities, or […]