Monetizing failure

At the beginning of 2014, I started creating some rules for myself, with the hope that they would help me get back into shape. As detailed below, I’ve added one rule each month, and given myself a penalty for failure. The details can be found in the individual posts, but this page will serve as a place to summarize the current state of things.

  • January 2014: Exercise on Monday, Wednesday, Friday (except when sick, injured, or away from home)
  • February 2014: Only raw food (and non-fat yogurt) after 8 pm (not including restaurants)
  • March 2014: No meat or fried dishes at work; also, nothing from the “snack wall”
  • April 2014: Only raw fruit and vegetables, yogurt, seltzer, coffee, and what I bring for myself at work
  • May 2014: Exercise on even days (i.e., not MWF); no candy bars at work; 20 push-ups and sit-ups per day; no passive internet use after 10:30 pm
    • Update: Ouch! Embarrassingly, I appear to have injured my shoulder in the act of doing my push-ups. These are on hold for now
  • June 2014: No sweet baked goods at work or home; 40 sit-ups per day
  • July 2014: No added sugar, two extra workouts
  • August 2014: No ice cream at home, no nuts at work, no muffins anywhere
  • September 2014: No chocolate at home
  • October 2014: No beer at home
  • November 2014: No fruit salad at work, no second helpings
  • December 2014: One plate of food per meal, no Five Guys, 50 pull-ups a week
  • January 2015: Agendas for all meetings I create, read two chapters of technical books per week
  • February 2015: Only one chapter per week, therabands instead of pull-ups
  • March 2015: No chocolate-covered pretzels, 60 sit-ups per day
  • January 2017: Back on track

Penalty for failure: $100 donation to charity; public shame.


  • Workouts since last missed workout: 10
  • Last workout: 12/14/17
  • Next workout deadline: 12/15/17


  • Workout failures: 6
  • Food failures: 2
  • Push-up/sit-up failures: 14
  • Passive internet viewing failures: 1
  • Sugar failures: 1
  • Chocolate failures: 2
  • Reading failures: 1


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