Cheating on His Other Love

[Note: This is a guest blog post from my wife. -Dan] My husband, Dan, spent a good four years trying to convince me to get an iPhone. He used every conceivable argument, including the angle that it would actually be less expensive than my (dirt cheap) cell phone service because we could sign up for […]

Fun vs Satisfaction

Being a single guy was fun. I could stay up all night programming, sleep in on weekends, hang out with friends, go to bars and clubs, hop on a plane on short notice and disappear on vacation for a week or five. I’d go out to a movie or restaurant without a second thought. I […]

Goal Focus

Every once in a while, I have a conversation with my four year old that goes something like this: Me: Do you want to go to the playground? Him: YES! Me: No you don’t. Him: I don’t? Me: No, right now you want to lie on the floor, kicking at everything around you. Him (genuinely […]

Books on Tape

I live in Rhode Island, and have been commuting up to the Boston area for the past four and a half years. On good days this takes under an hour, on bad days, well, you don’t want to know. Anyway, I quickly realized that this was going to be years taken off of my life […]