Personal Favorites

In the time since I started writing this blog, a couple of posts have gone viral, many have gotten a reasonable amount of traffic, and others have disappeared without a trace. It is, perhaps, unsurprising that the most popular of my posts have also been the most actionable – how to write an effective resume, how to ace a technical interview, and so on. Conversely, many (though certainly not all) of the posts I’m proudest of have been seen by the fewest people – these have mostly been thought pieces, more abstract, and more personal.

And so, I present you with a short list of some of my personal favorites – posts even I go back to and read from time to time. I recommend them to you as one friend to another – these are the posts I think you’ll find the most interesting, the ones which (I flatter myself) might even change the way you look at the world. Or, perhaps, that will convince you that I’m a very tedious writer indeed. In any case, in rough order of personal preference:

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