How I know I’m still a nerd

I just installed Hadoop at home, and am working my way through the O’Reilly book. This is so that I can get to Hive, but no point putting the cart before the elephant. The annoying thing is that this is blocking me from getting to Bash Cookbook. And the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide. Once that’s […]


When I first joined TripAdvisor, we had a pretty involved branch merge process that usually took around two hours, and involved over a dozen distinct steps. There was some initial pain for new engineers, but no big deal, you got used to it pretty quickly, at which point it faded into the background – an […]

Career Management

When you were a full-time hands-on coder, you probably tried to have many different types of coding experiences. Different languages, types of projects (web, mobile, shrink wrap, etc.), methodologies, coding responsibilities. Now that you’re a manager, the milieu may have changed, but the fundamental goal has not. Having different types of management experiences is important […]

Questions I Want to Ask, but Can’t

The perfect interview coding problem is one that will be easy for a great candidate, hard for a good candidate, and impossible for everyone else. Unfortunately, most of the problems you come up with are going to be way too hard, and will have to be thrown away. It’s great if a candidate gets one […]