Monetizing failure: November report

Once again, it’s time for my monthly descent into TMI land, to discuss progress in my ongoing quest to get back into shape. It’s been a bit of a mixed bag this month – a couple of colds, Thanksgiving, and moving into our new (and hopefully last!) house have wreaked havoc on my workout schedule. The good news is that I’ve been maintaining my target weight (the old one, not the new one), with just a little bump after Thanksgiving. I credit the “no second helpings rule,” which has been a pretty powerful curb on my eating. It honestly makes me wonder – all these years, have I just been force-feeding myself?

Of course, I’ve already come up with ways to work around the restriction – piling my plate high with one thing at a time isn’t exactly within the spirit of the rule.

Also, as expected, moving out of a building with a gym has made it pretty difficult to do any kind of weight training (though the treadmill’s been working fine). I’ve been researching the minimum basic requirements for a home gym, which seem to come down to:

  • cardio equipment ✓
  • dumbells
  • pull up bar
  • bench
  • stability ball
  • plyo box

I’m working on the first five – the basement ceiling’s a bit too low for a plyo box. And since the sit-up rule has been working pretty well, I’m going to add a new weekly requirement of 50 pull-ups. Not so many that I have to struggle to make it every week, but enough that I’m doing them regularly. For the time being, I can do them at the gym at work.

And so, the new rules:

  • 50 pull-ups a week
  • one plate of food per meal (i.e., no second helpings, and no second plate)
  • no Five Guys (they just opened up down the street, and it’s been a little too easy to pop over if I “forget” lunch)

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