Procrastination is triage with a machete and a blindfold.

Hackers are min-maxers.

Python is the programming language equivalent of juggling one ball.

In order to exceed expectations, you first have to meet expectations.

The bottom always eats the top.

You have to be nice before you can be mean.

With very few exceptions, every single management insight you’ve ever had has already been thought of, documented, and been the subject of multiple longitudinal studies you’ve never heard of.

Every repeating meeting is a tax.

Some people like being the lead singer, others the bassist. Figuring this out for yourself is one of the most important things you can do to be happy.

In the absence of information, people make stuff up.

Bad news can’t wait.

When you don’t have any control over something, the best you can do is communicate.

No one is the villain of their own story.

Life is a series of near misses, ending with a direct hit.

The problem with teaching your children to take risks is that it’s great unless it’s disastrous.

For your kids, Mommy will always be home base.

One parent will give your children their wings, the other will give them their neuroses. You only know which was the correct strategy in retrospect.

The first year of parenthood is an exercise in watching your old self die. The same is true of technical management.

Never listen to generic parenting advice, no matter how well meant.

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