is-a vs. has-a

The old-timers have it, of course. They started it, built it, went through hell to ship it, stepped up and created something from nothing in the midst of one disaster after another. You bet your ass they feel a part of what they created, feel like part of a special club, know with a justifiable sense […]


Twitter, trolls, and reputation as a service

The internet is broken. It’s the online equivalent of The Purge, an SF thriller that envisions a world with one day per year in which law is suspended, and the strong prey on the weak. Or, in the case of the internet, where the anonymous prey on everyone else, every day. Anonymity can be liberating, empowering, essential. […]

Three numbers

The three numbers in the universe that matter most are zero, one, and many. Think about life – tweak the fundamental physical constants a little, and you can imagine a universe in which it never happened. Never could have happened. Or maybe it’s so astonishingly unlikely, such a bizarrely, unimaginably low probability – the equivalent […]